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A for avocado...

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Hello everyone, I hope you are getting better every day and keeping yourself safe from the little winter we had this past week in Florida. Here we are on another section to talk about the good choices we can make every day to become healthier eaters. Food is so good, but we have to learn how to eat better, cook better and make our food be our medicine. There's good and bad almost in everything these days. You go to the market and there are good produce and bad produce. You go to the dealer shop and there are good cars and bad cars. Even when looking at the houses around your town, there are good ones and bad ones. Some of this might be subjective but most of it are facts expressed by the majority.

So, this month of we will presenting you extra benefits of why; beside the beautiful color and taste; we should add AVOCADO to our weekly routine. Lets do some imaginary salad shop.

  1. Avocados got the good type of fat. Yes, you read it correctly. There's a bad and a good fat, one that promotes diseases and the other helps to lower the incidence of these diseases. They contain the type of fat called MONOSATURATED fat, and all this big word means is that is the type of FAT avocado has is an unsaturated carbon bond.

And I know we don't have to be experts to decide what is good for our bodies but when experts like Mayo Clinic and dietitians recommend the intake of this fruit to lower LDL in our body is because the studies have shown this. The bad cholesterol (LDL) can create future problems with our hearts and stiffing arteries making us vulnerable to diseases that will limit us to live our lives to the fullest.

Is way better to take care of the intake of fat now before there's a condition than have the doctors tell you the limitations you will have due to present diseases.

This is the main reason why when we cook for you at home, we prepare the meal in the healthiest way. Because if there's a condition, they must eat like this but even if there's no condition, they can experience the joy of eating healthy fried chicken and cooked vegetables retaining the maximum of the nutrients.

Until next time, where we will learn or refresh another benefit of the avocado.

Zabdi talking to Zabdi and her readers.

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