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Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Every day I think about how lucky I'm just by the fact of being alive. But sometimes just that isn't enough, maybe finding a 100 dollar bill in our pocket, getting your order paid at the fast-food by the prior driver, or receiving a bonus you weren't expecting is what you might need sometimes to make you feel thankful.

This month we are celebrating thanksgiving towards the end but I want to start thanking you from the beginning because we all have many things to be thankful for.

Today, as we celebrate Veterans Day, I'm thankful for the service they provided for this nation putting their lives second and this country first.

I will also like to thank each one of the customers that reach out to us to refer their friends, buy, request information, or to get a free show or even if it just to stop by and say: "I love my Saladmaster", to you all thank you.

To the visitors to our website and the followers of all our social media, thank you for participating in all the healthy activities we had and the opportunity to be virtually in your lives.

LAST but not LEAST, we are thankful for all the comments positive and those with growing criticism in them that help us fix and improve every day as we continue in the Saladmaster journey.

This month we want to celebrate 100 dinners for all our diabetic friends and their families and show them a great to complement their healthy lives styles to make the years ahead better and healthier.

Please PLEASE don't miss the coming events with recipes for your dinner table for any family night or even thanksgiving night. No need to have the same dishes every year we can offer you a book with many options including vegetarian dishes.

Call today even if you arent a Saladmaster owner for your FREE BOOK.

Until next time

Thank you for reading me


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