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Enough is enough

Once again, we are facing the deaths of many innocent children, with innocent lives and innocent dreams that are not longer alive. And once again violence has taken over someone to destroy the most precious gift everyone has received: LIFE.

Everything is back to normal like if it was the first time it happen, departments are taking everything to be analyzed and study to come to conclusions but solution is implemented

and no determination is made to end the war zone in school zone.

And then you ask yourself: What is the solution to this? How can this nightmare stop and not be passed to other parents, to other students and other teachers? We aren’t superheroes, but there’s got to be a way stop this. It must be a way out of the cycle, it must.

Today we celebrate Memorial’s Day in honor of the BRAVES that made us FREE. Let’s work on this America to be the one they fought for and the have children that will live up to fulfill their dreams, careers, aspirations, and become what the aspire to.

We know when enough is enough and this line has been crossed.

Until next time readers,

Zabdi says hi.

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