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First trimester

During the first three months of pregnancy, the baby and the mother go through tremendous adjustments to tolerate each other during the following months. Moms' organs find different ways to function in smaller or newer spaces and the baby starts forming little organs as well. But don't stop reading, this is not about pregnancy, babies, or anatomy.

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Sooner than we think 2023 first trimester is in the past and I will like for you to analyze something with me. During the past three months a lot could it happen but didn't happen. We created goals, resolutions, and expectations for this year, and is within these first three months that all those new habits and uncomfortable work need to be done to accomplish a different result at the end of this year. But, How are we going to get different results if all is being done during our first trimester is procrastination, sleeping, and day dreaming? When we know all this things aren't helpful with the birthing of a successful year.

Nevertheless, we still have time to get it together and finish with a powerful year. It's not going to be easy and the effort required is double to compensate for the time lost but it's achievable.

Take your pen and notepad or your iPad to redirect the actions for the following 9 months. Take the risk, give your best, work 100%, and go one extra mile. Don't forget to get uncomfortable and push distractions away for now. Re-organize your room and make sure your time is not wasted in front of the cellphone screen.

P E R S I S T A N C E and F O C U S are your best friends, just make sure you keep them close and you will have a beautiful baby year at the end of 2023.

Until the next time we get together to talk, keep your head up.

Your friend


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