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Hello there,

this is part B of the Bee...

Get it? LOL

If you haven't read the part A, please close this blog section and come back once you have read that part so you can understand the sequence better.

To continue the list:

6. Seize the day

Bees make honey during daylight, so they take advantage of every moment of sunlight, even packing food in odd corners in order not to waste time. They also never stop learning. They visit the types of flowers that consistently offer them rewards, noting color and odor, and then ditch them if the reward becomes harder to obtain, switching to other flowers. In other words, they live in the present instead of holding on to ways of the past that have proven to be ineffective.

7. Live your work ethic

Bees have an innate sense of responsibility. They are driven by the desire to work, produce and sustain the colony. They pick up delays caused by others, doing what needs to be done, without micromanagement or delay.

8. Be a true leader

Colonies have queens, without the bureaucracy or the dictatorship. The queen knows her role and she perform her duties without interfering with the work of her subjects. And although the bees depend on their queen, she still behaves as a servant to her hive.

9. Communicate well

Bees are deeply engaged with each other. They keep each other informed about changes in their environment. They never break contact with the group and are constantly passing on information they receive.

10. Take time to rest

Contrary to the common belief that they work all the time, honeybees actually spend two-thirds of their time doing nothing. They work hard with unwavering dedication and discipline, but they also get plenty of rest in order to recharge.

I have learned from these two blogs a lot of good habits to implement on this new year and I hope it was useful to you. We are surrounded by knowledge and ways to improve our lives, and once again the opportunity shows at your door and you will have to decide if this is the day to start changing, run for it or hide from it.

Until next time...

Zabdi talking to Zabdi and the readers, thank you for your time.

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