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H of Happiness

Every time we pass near a fire truck 🚒 or over a hump on any street my boy gets so happy, is like he just won the lottery kind of feeling. He is just happy 😃 with these experiences at a level I cannot understand. Is amazing how happiness can be so simple for you and so complicated for me. Not only makes our world harder to go through but also to connect with others and share our happiness with them. As we get near the end of the first month of the year evaluate, How is your happiness level and how hard is it going to be to keep it at the highest level? We love to cook for happy people. They stopped by our office and even call us to tell us how their journey and experience has being. We prepare hours before we go you your house, rehearsal every part of the presentation and even find corny jokes to throw you during the dinner, to make you laugh after a long day or even after a tough day as well. Allow is to share our happiness with you and your loved ones over a plate of healthy and delicious meal. You won’t regret it. And the cost is FREE.

Call us or text us and let’s have some happy memories from food lover people and our Saladmaster family. We promise to be there and that you will enjoy every part of it.

Dont let January roll you over, be happy with everything that has happend and prepare for more fun along the way with our healthy eaters community.

Until next time… This is Zabdi talking to Zabdi and her readers.

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