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H of honey

Hello readers, my last blog was approximately 3 months ago, many things have changed, and will continue to change, but we are back with our faithful readers to share some curiosities that will definitely open eyes and mind of those that read. Let's start...

Abeja en la flor

We probably have taste it honey in the past or being bit by an angry Bee. Either way here are some characteristics of the bees and their community we must learn and implement.

  1. Honeybees are nature’s ultimate team-players. They cooperate in everything they do. They also behave as if individuals' matter, while at the same time keeping the common good of the hive as their priority. If one bee is suffering or falling behind, the others step up and do the work, making sure that collective productivity is never reduced.

  2. When honeybees pollinate flowers, they don’t do it with the reward in mind. Yet it is pollination itself that ensures continuity of the bees in the long run. Honeybees do not control the cycle of life, but their acts of kindness always pay off.

  3. Honeybees don’t multitask. Instead, they focus only on the top priority. They each have different jobs and they stick to them. This is how they are efficient, wasting no time on anything other than living their purpose and contributing where they are most capable.

  4. Honeybees only expand the hive if more space is needed for a growing population or more food storage. They also understand that hard times happen, so they prepare for disasters and food shortage. This approach ensures that they don’t drain their energy on anything that is not necessary.

  5. Honeybees survive by adapting to their surroundings. They are continuously evolving. If relocated from one region to another, they quickly scout the new environment and communicate their findings, then get to work in as little as an hour. They are not discouraged by new locations or temperatures…they are not discouraged by change.

There is much more to learn from the bees and their work-life-style. But for now, we will leave it up to here and hopping you will come back for my next blog.

Until next time.

Ideas found on my blog were taken from the book below.

Zabdi talking to Zabdi and her readers.

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