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Is heat a problem?

Theres a variety of topic applicable to this word: HEAT.

Anything from climate change; melting the icebergs left all the way to skin cancer due to extra UV light filtrating by the damage to our planet; involves the increase in temperature. Also, is involve in hair, and the result of applying too much heat to the hair and later seeing the damage hair or even alopecia. And last but not least, the feeling of getting sick and checking your temperature rise up, indicative of a problem inside your body. After this last two years the first idea that comes to mind is: Do I have COVID? Because, let's be serious, we have all being a little stress out with the term for the past years.

Nevertheless, all this scenarios include high temperatures and accurate. Today the topic is far from them.

We have heard the phrase "we are what we eat" plenty of times, and I know you are notting YES. Because it's a common phrase around the world but it's a truthful phrase. Everything you ingest will have a positive or negative effect on your system and the results are just a matter of time.

The heat applied to the different products while cooking can be the key to help you eat nutrients with vibrant colors and full of vitamin, minerals and proteins or killed by the excessive temperature making it a warm trash with no useful benefit to our bodies but just to keep the palate happy.

With the Saladmaster cookware system at home the Vapo-valve reminds everyone at the time of preparing the meals that when it clicks, its time to lower the temperature, because the heat inside is enough to finish the dish at a low temperature. This is only achieved by the technology design behind it and also with the intention of allowing the owner to serve and eat a plate with the majority of the good nutrients the body needs from the food and not from a bottle of supplements. Nothing agains supplements, but the food should taste better than the pill, doesn't?

Allow one of our trained cookers to prepare for you a delicious meals just like its being done every Wednesday in the cooking class videos and cooking class sessions on our website. You will be delighted. You will either learn or refresh knowledge throughout the presentation and distinguish why Saladmaster system is like no other in the world.

Call us or request more information in the home page of our website and get ready to put a stop to the unnecessary heat, as the body gets stronger digesting food beyond organic, we can keep this type of HEAT under-control.

This is Zabdi

Let's talk again on the next post. Comment below or ask questions as well.

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