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How is your battery?

Are you an iPhone or Android fan? Option A, option B, both, or neither. Well, you might not know this but I love iPhones and the simplicity involved with their types of equipment. Every year companies involved in the smartphone industry add to the market a new tool or device that is more advance and with better qualities for the users than the prior one. It's the constant improvements and works to perfection for the next generation, that keep showing the customers how much they value the user and their specific needs. In the same way, the daily routines of our lives are filled with unique and specific needs that are up to us to supply to continue succeeding in our activities and improve our wellness.

Today they launched the new iPhone 14, the iWatch, and the newest model of AirPods. They look amazing and with the newly added features that I and other users will find useful to complement daily workload. But, despite all these new additions, what caught my attention was the emphasis on the durability of the battery on each one of these new pieces. They are crystal clear that regardless of how easy this item is going to make our life, without a good battery is no good. So they enhanced the life of the battery to last almost 2 days without a recharge. This is pretty amazing!

Our bodies on the other hand continuously need to be recharged, and I do know that adulthood is hard and complicated but not recharging ourselves properly will put a pause on our running cycles because we will be out of energy soon.

I know we all have heard about the 8 different things we should be doing to keep our body's needs supplied and balance our lives. The acronym of C R E A T I O N health explains how each of these concepts integrated allows our bodies to enjoy the fullest life.

Today I will focus on the N - Nutrition. A simple way to put this is by saying...

Want to guess?



So besides encouraging you to follow these 8 principles/concepts to improve the durability of your battery we want you to pay close attention to your food, how you eat it and how is it prepared.

This month we are celebrating DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH, and from our company, we will like to extend an invitation to those with this type of condition to call us and book a dinner with us. What for? We take pleasure in showing you how you can eat better and live better regardless of the disease. By recharging your body correctly you will see improvement in your A1C and balance your eating without paying a told with a lot of insulin at the end, speaking from experience.

So let us be part of the awareness this month at your home and enjoy a gift just for acceptance. Also, receive a VIP pass to our cooking class shows every Wednesday of the month.

We will be looking for your request on our information box on the home page at the bottom of the page or by calling us at our numbers display in the contact us section.

Until we chat again, recharge yourself every day and live a live Beyond Organic.

Zabdi says chao.

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